Fred Sasakamoose Bronze Statue Illustration - Fred Sasakamoose Day


A Banner and Statue Illustration, rendered to CELEBRATE and COMMEMORATE the life of Fred Sasakamoose and be inspired by the legacy he leaves behind.

“Chief Thunderstick Statue” Site Unveiling. The highest honour one can achieve in their lifetime is to be permanently remembered as an inspiration to others. The life story of Fred Sasakamoose - as told by Fred himself has inspired countless others to develop confidence, discipline, generosity, involvement, leadership, learning, persistence, personal improvement, professionalism, responsibility, and self respect. He has been recognized at the Local, Provincial and Federal levels for his accomplishments. Fred’s story is not over yet, in bronze he will stand Proud outside the largest hockey arena in Saskatchewan – SaskTel Centre – as a symbol to all that he was first and foremost Proud to be Indigenous, Proud of his experience in the NHL and Proud of the way he could bring change to his people and the system over the course of his life.

Special thanks to Neil Sasakamoose.

- Created updated version of artists sketch
- Banner Design